Video Showcases Le-Vel Thrive DFT Skin Patch Experience

Thrive is a health supplement product line offered by Le-Vel, a network marketing company. This exciting company has a vision of being the first company in the world to exclusively offer premium lifestyle products.

The core products in the line are four different supplements namely:

  • thrive health effectsThrive M – A multivitamin formulated for men
  • Thrive W – A multivitamin made for women
  • Thrive Premium Lifestyle Mix – A protein powder mix that can be added to smoothies
  • Thrive DFT – A skin patch that uses Derma Fusion Technology (DFT) for weight loss and to ensure mental clarity, appetite control and overall mood.The four products comprise the Thrive Experience-an 8 week plan that enhances the user’s health and also helps achieve weight loss and fitness objectives.

LeVel’s Thrive M and Thrive W Products

Both Thrive M (for men) and W (for women) are multivitamin supplements. They guarantee the user the following benefits:

  • Encouraging lean muscle mass
  • Boosting growth of stronger joints
  • Slowing down aging and provide healthy Antioxidant Blend
  • Promoting weight loss
  • Minimizing inflammation

The supplement comes in form of capsules with high levels of beneficial minerals and vitamins. These include vitamin B12,D3,A,B2,B3,B5,B6,B12,selenium,chromium and vanadium. The supplements also contain proprietary blends of grape seed, white tea and green coffee extract and kelp.

The supplements are almost identical even though they are advertised to men and women separately. The only difference is that Thrive M contains L-arginine extract (works better for men belly fat) and Thrive W contains Irvingia Extract (excellent for boosting weight loss and lowering cholesterol in women).

Thrive Premium Lifestyle Mix

This is a powerful protein powder which comes in 14 servings per tub. One can take it while mixed in a smoothie. This unique mix contains whey, multivitamins,caffeine, antioxidants and probiotics(containing beneficial bacteria) which are good for promoting lean muscle and helping to manage weight.

Thrive Premium Lifestyle DFT

Most other supplement companies only sell protein powders and multivitamins. Le-Vel is the only well-known company that markets DFT skin patches-which is a proprietary technology. These patches are placed on the arm and they allow absorption of beneficial nutrients and vitamins into the body through the skin.
DFT has the following health benefits:

  • enhancing metabolism
  • promoting mental clarity
  • helping control appetite
  • assisting in weight control

The ingredients in the patch are absorbed into the body gradually through a natural time release system. The patch contains beneficial ingredients such as garcinia cambogia, green coffee extracts,white willow park and cosmoperine. The caffeine helps in boosting energy and alertness.

Look at what one Thrive video had to say who is a adamant Le-Vel user and customer:

In addition to the above products, Le-Vel have also released the Thrive Plus range of products which are specially formulated for those who wish to take the Thrive Experience to a higher level.

These products are:

1.Thrive DFT Ultra- This is an enhanced form of DFT which helps in weight and appetite control and improved metabolism.
2.Thrive Balance- This supplement is taken daily to help boost metabolism, nutrient absorption and digestion.
3.Thrive Activate- This drink packet is added to a water or shaker bottle and it helps improve mental focus and energy.
4.Thrive Boost- This drink packet is promotes health since it is a probiotic,boosts energy and assists to maintain healthy pH levels in the body.
5.Thrive Move- This is a gel that promotes inflammation-free joints.
6.Thrive SGT Rest- This gel helps promote calmness, natural sleep and relaxation.

As you can see, the Le-Vel brands and their products are not an overnight add on – they are the real deal. They feature top notch ingredients and virtually no side effects while getting clean energy and feeling good all day long.

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