The Benefits Of The Shadowhawk X800 Tactical LED Flashlight In Defense And Convenience

The Shadowhawk X800 is a tactical flashlight that enables one to illuminate dark places, and temporarily blind enemies. It has been, for a while, the preserve of the US military, Search and Rescue teams, the Coast Guard, Firemen, and the Police. It is now available to Citizens for self defense and protection. This tactical flashlight is also a survival tool in case there is a terrorist attack an earth quake, a flood or you are lost at sea, or in a deserted place.

Features And Benefits Of The Shadowhawk X800:

• A powerful light beam
• An SOS Feature
• Variable light beam
• Aluminum Casing
• Water Resistant
• Compact make
• Legal
• Long Life

Powerful light beam
This tactical flash has a beam that can be seen two miles away. This means, when you turn it on, everything in your path is illuminated. There are no dark shadows left. If you are somewhere waiting for help, you will be spotted from two miles away. You can also temporarily blind an enemy whose eyes have already adjusted to the darkness. This is the kind of gift you give to someone you love, and tell them to be safe, and to take care.

SOS Feature
The Shadowhawk X800 tactical LED flashlight has the SOS feature that is valued by all. You can be sure if you are unable to communicate in any other way, it will signal for help for you. This SOS strobe signaling option gives a light beam with a brightness of 50 lumens.

Variable light beam
This tactical flash light does not have a fixed beam like most of the regular flash lights. It beam can be varied in width and in brightness. This feature gives you the convenience of choosing to illuminate a longer, but narrower field of view, or a shorter but wider field of view. It gives you the best security-sweep a flash light can give. It has two modes of operation; the low and high modes. The low mode has three levels of brightness: 5 lumens, 10 Lumen and 50 lumens. The high mode has a brightness of 100 lumens. This is the brightness to use in dark unsecured areas. To turn on this mode, simply press the rubber-button tail cap. To get a blinding light, push the rubber-button two times in quick successions.

It is legal to carry a tactical flashlight. You will not draw unnecessary attention to yourself. This is different to when carrying a gun even though you are licensed to do so. To other people, it will look alike a harmless flashlight to dimly light the night. To you, the Shadowhawk X800 is a tactical flashlight used to defend yourself, get help, and be safe at night.

Technical Characteristics Of The Shadowhawk X800

shadowhawk x800 reviewAluminum Casing
This flashlight with tactical technology is built with an outer casing made of aluminum which is coated black. This enables the batteries to keep cool and makes this tactical flashlight ultra-light. This feature makes it easy to carry in your pocket, bag or handbag.

Water Resistant
This flashlight is water resistant. It will not rust if accidentally dropped in water. It also allows one to use it briefly under water when need arises. This is one of the reasons it is a tool of choice for the coast guard and the military.

Compact make
Its compact size makes it ideal for carrying around in your handbag or pocket. It is only 41/2 inches long. Its hardened aluminum casing is ribbed to give it a tough shell. You can actually use it as weapon to blind and hit an enemy, if you were under attack. You would then have a chance to escape or overcome your attacker.

Long Life
This flashlight has a lifespan of 10,000 light hours and uses rechargeable batteries. Once you buy it, you can expect that it will serve you for a life time. All you will need is a change of it rechargeable batteries once in a while.

The Shadowhawk X800 flashlight is a must have in these hard times. It will come in handy in all situations when the natural light isn’t there, these include: power outages, when travelling at night, or when there is an emergency, and there is no lighting.

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